Post 3

#ICYDK, July 2 is International Sport Journalist Day #SportJournalistDay.

This brings me to reflect on how sport has been part of my life, and has initially opened up my world to #resilience#friendship#lessons#mentality, and #healthylifestyle. It has led me to places where I had never imagined, to people who I dreamt about talking with (even up to today).

Here is the ultimate kicker – ‘#Representation‘.

I am still learning everyday but I want to say that in the world of #sport #journalism, there is a place for everyone, including #visibleminorities. Believe in what you are doing whether it is to bring out sports #news, to sketch human #stories, or to witness moments in the sports world that continues to inspire our #humanrace.

Browse a sports news website today, follow your favourite sports #reporters which I have a laundry list of names I look up to, cheer for your favourite team and dive into some commentary. Hope you find #appreciation to all passionate Sports Journalists who bring snippets of inspiration to the world everyday.

Cheers to all Sport Journalists!